Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

Western Montana Wedding Photographer
for the wildly in love

If you cringe at the thought of "looking at each other and smiling" or being positioned in such an awkward way that you lose circulation, well then hey... we're on the same page!! My goal is to make it feel like you're not taking pictures, but to end up having so many you love, they will be framed all over your house

✦ The sounds of nature surrounding you while you feel each other's warmth
✦ laughing, booty grabs & dorky dancing
✦ Capturing the real, raw & authentic  moments 
✦ unposed, natural and candid emotion
✦ making memories & pausing them in a photo

I don't believe in the photos that don't feel like you. Instead, let's focus on:

Originally a Florida native but mountains + open space feed my soul.

Get to spend forever with my handsome, home grown, Montana man  (but for real though....he's my fav) + a mama to two of the cutest & sweetest boys you've ever seen (Not biased at all)

I laugh at really lame jokes (probably because I make really lame jokes) & can't find my way around anywhere if my life depended on it 
(Thank goodness for google maps)

Jesus + Family make me who I am and photos is how I express who I am

I'm Alicia!
Your new go
to girl

Photography is my creative outlet that allows me to capture & preserve what I hold most valuable.... (Drumroll please)...LOVE

Hey there!


Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

- Katie L

We were lucky to have her shoot both our engagement photos and our wedding. Alicia's warmth and friendliness, made meeting her for the first time for our engagement photos so comfortable for us. Planning for the wedding Alicia created a timeline that made the day go smoothly and felt natural for the days events. She was incredibly responsive throughout the months of planning. We got our wedding photos back so quickly from her and they brought back all the emotions. In just meeting her once and the few conversations we had, Alicia picked up on what was important to us and this is reflected in the photo gallery she made for us. She captured so much emotion in our photos that we are incredibly fortunate to have to help remember our day. Basically I cannot say enough kind things about Alicia. I hope to have her capture more special moments in our life and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer.

“Working with Alicia   
  was a dream..”

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